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#1 Premium Plank Heart Pine  

Above is a sample of our #1 Premium grade of Antique Heart Pine flooring.

• Milled from large timbers

• 99% - 100% heartwood with tight growth ring pattern and characteristic amber color       


• Occasional small solid knots about the size of a quarter and smaller.

• Very few if any nail holes and occasional hairline stress cracks.

• You will find very few signs of negative aging or distress in this grade of Heart Pine flooring.  

  With close to 100% heart wood and very few knots, the floor is well suited for a more formal    


Pricing Information

100 + year old heart pine lumber, flooring and paneling cut from 25' long beams.

No. 1 heart pine.

Heart pine flooring

12” - 14” x 3/4” tongue & groove                   $20 sq. ft.

Full or partial heart pine beams.  Beams average 13” x 15” x 25'                                  

Beams can be cut up and sold in smaller configurations.  Contact seller for pricing.

Paneling also available; contact seller for pricing.