Zucchini Brothers

Passionate about Wood

About Us

We are a band of unrelated brothers who are passionate about perfection, and that makes us almost unbearable. Our focus is on finding and incorporating the best and most beautiful things that are close to our heart into art for our homes.  It all starts when we can't find what we want because it doesn't exist, or it's not at a price we want to pay.  Our group is as creative as they come.

Fran – Starting in the 1970's, in New York, he worked in the restaurant and nightclub business.  By the mid 70's and for the next 30 years, Fran & his wife, Paula, operated antiques businesses in New York, Georgia, and south Florida.  In 2006, he set up an independent lumber mill and furniture factory, Island Sea Designs. (www.islandseadesigns.com) Using only Georgia-grown woods and his own designs, Island Sea Designs has risen to the forefront of custom, made to order furniture. Wood has always been Fran's passion, now it is his essence.

Stephen.     Founder, President, and all the other titles for a successful company in the gift and loyalty cards and direct mail industries.  He sells the big boys plastic solutions that make up a four billion dollar industry.  Creative and passionate about building in his new house, Steven couldn't find wide, long tight Antique floors for under $20 a foot that he liked.  Stephen didn't want to settle for anything but the best in his new home.  Long story short, he help found this start-up company to provide him just that — the best product money can buy.

Mike.     Well, that's me.  I'm a passionate, OCD guy that never settles.  I've been in and out of wood mills, demolition sites, and salvage yards looking for old beams at a deal.  Another passion is for salvaged nautical parts, port holes and heavy hunks of nautical brass and lighting.  I'm always looking for the source and don't like middle men.  This goes back to my history as a wholesaler and retailer in the sporting goods industry.

Randy.  He is a big time and mostly now retired, golf course designer.  He keeps us and the books straight.

Jennifer.  Jennifer, my wife, is an attorney and my partner in Banker Real Estate.  Her role is similar to Randy's to keep us on track and out of trouble.  Jennifer helps research these old cotton mills and buildings we take down.  Jennifer had a full ride to Emory and top of her class in both Emory and University of Texas law school and a bio that's quite impressive. She, too, has a passion for the arts, antiques and has gotten the bug for antique wood.

We start where the others stop.  Most companies sell from 3” to 7” wide, at the most 12”. We start at 12” wide and leanest up to 25 feet long; it's really custom wide and long.  Most claim tight growth rings up to 7 rings ….. We have about 30.  Most say 80 - 95% heart pine, we average about 99%.